Letters to Sasquatch

Anthropos ikane prophasis eis to dustukhein

I actually referenced Spongebob in an academic paper today.

I’m turning it in too.

Hello senior year.

Gonna attach condoms to all of my resumés so that when companies look at me perplexedly I can say, simply, “I came here to fuck the man”.

On this episode of Film, Feminism, and Beauty’s readings we have responses from males that are making me sick. ugh.

May we forget the war machine that is our country
& remember the innocent lives lost as a result.

Can I please

use all of this masculinity reading to desconstruct The Mistfits? 15-20 minutes is not nearly enough to intervene in the patriarchy and make men question their constitutions. But it’s a start.

The universe needs to quit being a tease

Stop dangling cello players in front of us and then ripping them away right before they join the band.


Can we kidnap Zach and make him come back to school forever?